Repair Estimates

To begin the diagnostic process, it is important that we see the vehicle as soon as possible. A transmission, or any type of automotive repair, cannot be given an estimate over the phone just as a doctor cannot treat a patient over the phone.


To determine if the problem is indeed the transmission, all transmission repair centers should road test the vehicle first. After that, an external check of the system will determine if the problem is internal or external. Should the problem be internal, pulling the transmission is the only way to assess the amount of damage with a thorough internal diagnosis. 


In some cases, a false impression of a transmission problem can be given due to a defective sensor or a computer malfunction. In this case, the transmission repair facility may first need to conduct an electronic diagnosis due to the increased technology in late model vehicles and to eliminate the possibility of a sensor or computer malfunction. The extent of the damage and the cost of the repair can be more accurately determined with a thorough internal diagnosis, which involves removing and dismantling the transmission. Many shops offer free external transmission checks and will also conduct an internal diagnostic for a reasonable cost.


Be wary if a transmission facility repeatedly calls you to report more damage, which increases the repair cost, after you have authorized them to begin working. This should NOT occur if a complete diagnosis was performed.


In addition, watch out for companies that release ads that claim, “We’ll repair your transmission for…” or other promotions to rebuild any transmission for a low price which may seem too good to be true. Before the transmission damage and the cost of any transmission repair can be determined, it MUST be properly diagnosed. Companies may also be quick to give you a set price without even seeing the car. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.


When comparing prices, only compare apples to apples. When it comes to “minimum” rebuilding standards for transmissions, there are none.


Being that it applies to transmission repair, the term “rebuilt” is term you should become familiar with. Despite the fact that the average transmission has over 300 parts, replacing only a few internal parts can label a transmission as “rebuilt”. In the state of Texas, the terms “rebuilt”, “overhauled” or “reconditioned” may be used if the number of parts replaced is equal to two or more. Be sure to ask if the parts are new, reconditioned or used and what exactly is being replaced for the quoted price. We offer transmission service Garland Tx