Transmission Shop Customer Reviews

Transmission Customer Reviews

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I have to give Joanne props for making a bad situation good. She went above and beyond to make me happy and I would gladly take my vehicles back to her again. Keep up the great work!! you took an upset customer and made her a believer again!5 star customer review transmission shop

I had a rather large transmission fluid leak after a filter's seal broke. I felt like my transmission was slipping as a result of the leak. I took it in twice to Eagle, the first time they couldn't find a problem but recommended I bring it back in for a line pressure test to make sure. I did take it back the following Monday and there was still nothing wrong. They could have lied and told me they worked on it or had to change the fluid or anything else. I've had this happen before with other auto repair places. But Eagle and the people who work there were all extremely nice and the shop very clean and comfortable while I waited during my first visit. I ended up paying nothing and gained a peace of mind.5 star customer review transmission shop

This is the overall best shop I have ever been to. My repair is excellent and the staff at Eagle in Mesquite is professional and knowledgeable. I will continue to bring my vehicles to this Eagle here in Mesquite. They are courteous and do great work! Thanks to everyone at Eagle, Joanna you are the best!5 star customer review transmission shop
Best place in town. Quick, friendly, outgoing, honest and privately own. I'm glad I took my car there and met the staff there other business need to model they're professional and customer service to the ones set here. I would highly recommend this place! Does it help that found them on here? 5 star customer review transmission shop
Broke down on a Wednesday and called Dave at Eagle Transmissions. He towed in my Durango, rebuilt my transmission, and it was ready by Friday for less then $2000 all together! He also gave me a great warranty, but I'm not worried, my truck runs like new! Thanks Dave for doing such a terrific job, saved my vacation, and getting my baby back to me so soon!5 star customer review transmission shop
Brought my explorer here when I was having transmission problems. I had done some research and had already been to a couple of other places that did computer checks but the people there were a bit 'sketchy' and I didn't get a good feeling especially since they didn't even drive it!. The staff at eagle was friendly, did a full and thorough checkout and I got it back in about three days! Its been a couple of months now and my car runs and shifts beautifully! I highly recommend this place to get transmission work done. 5 star customer review transmission shop
I did plenty of calling around and decided to bring my vehicle here. I just got my Mercedes back today after 4 days. Runs great! The price was reasonable, and they reimbursed me for my rental car! Very professionally ran facility, and I would recommend this place to anyone who needs transmission work! Thanks again guys!5 star customer review transmission shop
Took my Honda in and customer service was great. They didnt take advantage of me because Im female. Tried a different place and they wanted to fix everything they could come up with! The manager here found the problem and let me know specifically what was wrong and how much it would be for the part I needed, not things my car didnt need. Thanks guys!5 star customer review transmission shop
My truck had a transfer case leak, so I took it to a shop to have new seals put in and once it was done, I tried to engage my 4 wheel drive and it shift in but wouldn't shift out. So I took it back to the shop and they could not fix it. I had to have it towed to Eagle's where David and he's crew looked at and fixed it. I was at a ends with my truck thinking I was going to be out a lot more money, and would have been if it wouldn't have been for David and he's crew. I would have been up creek without a paddle, but thanks to David and he's A1 team. They had me on the road with in hours and not a dime out of my pocket. They fixed the other shops mistake and a couple of other things and told me to have a good day. Thanks for everything David, you and your team is my one stop shop for now on. Wish I would have came here first! 5 star customer review transmission shop